Officer Bios

Department Fire Chief: JOSH NALLEY

Josh Nalley is the current chief of the Genoa Fire Department. Since joining in 1997, Josh has been an active member of the department and has held several officer positions.  As chief, his responsibilities include supervising, regulating, and managing all aspects of the department’s day-to-day operations. This encompasses all department functions including meetings, fundraising, training and emergencies. The chief is responsible for all department assets and personnel in addition to establishing and enforcing department and district rules, regulations, and guidelines.  He manages budget requests for equipment, operations, and capital improvements.  The chief attends Genoa Fire District meetings and county or state meetings pertaining to the department. The chief serves as the department liaison with the community. Josh is a graduate of the New York State Fire Academy and has certifications in numerous state courses . He is a certified Interior Fire Fighter, Farm Medic First Responder, an EMT, and a member of the Cayuga County Fire Investigation Team as a NYS level 2 Fire Investigator. Josh also manages fire and EMS reporting for the department.

Deputy Fire Chief:Glen Kilcer

Glen Kilcer is the current Deputy Fire chief of the Genoa Fire Department. After joining in 1996, Glen has been an active member. The Deputy Chief assists the Chief in the direction of operations in all emergencies. In the absence of the chief, the deputy chief acts as the commanding officer for all department operations, functions, and carries out any and all responsibilities of the chief. The deputy chief is responsible for day today operation of the emergency equipment. The deputy chief should also attend Genoa Fire District meetings and any other meetings pertaining to the department as directed by the Chief. Glen is a certified structural fire fighter, has completed several state training classes, he is a certified Farm Medic first responder, and is CPR and AED certified.

1st. Assistant Fire Chief: Steve Holden

Steve Holden is the current 2nd Assistant Fire Chief of the Genoa Fire Department. Steve has been an active member of the department since 2007. In the absence of any of the other chief officers, the 2nd Assistant Chief carries out all responsibilities of the Chief. The 2nd Assistant Chief is in charge of personal protective equipment , schedules and works with the fire captain in the monthly checks. This includes inventory, ordering and maintaining said equipment.  Steve is a certified interior fire fighter, he has taken numerous state fire classes, AED & CPR certified.

2nd. Asst Chief Derek Kulis Bios coming soon

Fire Captain: William Wahl Bios Coming soon

EMS Captain: Jennifer Vicedomini

Jennifer Vicedomini is the current EMS Rescue captain of the Genoa Fire Department. Jennifer has been an active EMT with the department since joining in 2007. The EMS Captain is a senior EMT responsible for several areas dealing with the day-to-day operation of the departments EMS function. The Rescue Captain is responsible for making sure monthly checks are performed on EMS equipment and making sure any and all equipment and supplies are certified and compliant. The EMS captain works with the department training officer to develop and implement EMS trainings for the department. The EMS captain also informs EMT’s of training and CME offerings as well as represents the department at county CQI meetings. Jennifer is a certified EMT, Certified Interior firefighter and has completed several state classes.Jennifer is also studying to become a paramedic