We are a Volunteer Fire and Rescue company which is located in Central Upstate New York; at the Southern end of Cayuga County. Our district is bordered by Locke, Poplar Ridge, Long Hill, King Ferry, and Lansing (Tompkins County).

This district is home to 1500 permanent   residents. Our County has about 881 farms with a total of 238,129 acres under cultivation. Our Mission is to serve our District in every way possible and be prepared to respond to every incident in a professional and effective manner.  The Genoa Fire Department (or Association) purchased their first piece of apparatus from American LaFrance in 1910. This was in response to the “big fire” in Genoa, where many buildings and businesses were lost due to the damage that was estimated at $50,000.00 in 1907 *The apparatus was a Champion No. 10 which had “one cylinder with a capacity of 45 gallons, mounted on two wheels and equipped with a reel and 50 feet of drag rope, 100 feet of rubber chemical hose, wire basket for carrying hose, three receptacles encased in copper sheathing, two receptacle holders, two lanterns, axe, crowbar with holder and wrenches. The height of the engine is 55 inches, width 45 inches, length 8 ft. and the price of $450.00. The chemical tank operated on the principle that acid dumped on soda in the tank created a heavy gas which smothered the flames.”

In 1913 a new bell (700 lbs) was installed on the original engine house of Genoa Fire department, which is now a museum owned and run by Peter Signor. The bell was removed some time later because of a crack that was created when ‘the bell was wrung so hard and so long for a barn fire that it cracked”.

At this time the fire department worked from a system of 4 phone numbers located at strategic places in Genoa that at a moment’s notice someone would be reached to push the button to sound the siren.

The chemical tank was affixed upon a 1934 Ford chassis, and was used alongside a 1946 International that carried a John Bean High Pressure fog system. These two units were housed in the fire station on Main Street with double doors opening up to the street. It was sometime in 1915 that the Fire Association was then, Incorporated, becoming the Genoa Fire Department. Land was purchased, and a new house was built in 1950.

Currently we have: a Suburban 4×4 Rescue vehicle; Engine1 (Freightliner)which holds 1000 gallons of water at 1500 GPM; a Thermal Imaging Camera, 7 Ap 75 4.5 Scott Air packs; and is first out on all fire calls. Engine 2 (Spartan Cab and chassis) which holds medical and rescue supplies; Holmatro extrication tools, exothermic torch, lifting airbags, lifting rescue jacks, and 6 AP 75 4.5 Scott Air packs. It is first out on all MVC’s. Tanker 1(International) holds 2300 gallons of water; 500 GPM pump, and 2500 gallon portable pond.


The Genoa Volunteer Fire Department is always looking for new members. If you think you have what it takes to go above and beyond for your family and community and are interested in becoming a member of our family. Please contact any Genoa Fire Department Officer for an application packet. Or Call the Genoa Fire Department at
315 497 0611 or Email @ GenoaFireDepartment@gmail.com
The Genoa Fire Department consists of everyday people, but when it comes time to do a job for our community or a surrounding community we come together as a family working together to get a dangerous job done safely and efficiently.
Genoa Fire Department New Membership Process
· Application
· State Mandated Arson Back Ground Check
· Interview with Membership Committee
· Election through the Membership (vote)

New members are required to:
· Take a 27 hour Scene Support Class
· Make at least 6 Business meetings a year
· Make at least 6 Department Training
· To stay on the Active Membership Roster